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About the Sponsor

The HUSK was born when my Thoroughbred Tia developed lymphangitis caused by neoprene boots, resulting in permanent scarring. This inspired me to create safe + breathable products for horses.

The other part of me has always been entrepreneurial, and a solution finder. Having worked for pharmaceuticals, I worked my way up the ladder to creating marketing strategies and solutions for countries all over the world, which satisfied my creative, solution orientated side. Although my mind was always searching for more solutions to find and create!

My horse Tia was a sensitive thoroughbred, she couldn’t wear leg protection due to reacting to her own sweat, causing her to scar. Coming from a scientific background I enjoyed reading about medical research, and read many clinical papers that spoke of the dangers of over heating horse tendons and muscles. With both in mind, I refrained from using leg protection on my horse in fear of over heating, and searched unsuccessfully for a boot that offered protection without over heating. I also searched for a product that had been tested to prove any breathable, cooling claims that were made, and again felt unsuccessful.

Whilst I was pregnant with my second child, I had come across a 3D material that boasted of being thermoregulating, and investigated into whether this material could be used to make leg protection for horses in the form of exercise boots to prevent over heating. After much discussion with professional riders and vets, and producing and rejection of samples, the first boot was made – the HUSK schooling boot. This boot has been the foundation of our portfolio, which extends now from boots to saddle cloths and rugs.

1st Prize

£15 The Husk credit

£15 The Husk credit

£15 website credit for The Husk - you can either spend as you win or if you are feeling lucky, wait till the end of the league and spend any vouchers in one go for something a bit bigger! What will you be spending yours on?!

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