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How to Film

How to Film your Test

  1. The person videoing MUST be standing behind C, holding your phone landscape (if the video is in portrait you will lose 2 marks) and zooming in at the A end of the school.

  2. You need to be in a marked arena with correct measurements (either 20mx40m or 20mx60m depending on the test you have entered) either on grass or in a school. Markers MUST be clearly displayed - if you have no markers or they are in the wrong place your test will be HC.

  3. Ask your ‘filmer’ (kindly) to try their hardest to keep you in the centre of the screen at all times - if you disappear from view, the judge will not be able to score you for those movements.

  4. The video must have sound (if it does not your test will still be marked but you will not be eligible for placings or league points) - you may have a caller for the test but you may not have training help.

  5. Your video must have NO cuts or edits. It must start at least 2 seconds before the rider enters at A and preferably 4 seconds after the rider salutes at the end.

  6. Either you or the person videoing your test MUST verbally introduce the video - you must include your name, the horses name, E-Riders and the month of competition. If you are not introduced or don't include the month for the test you will be deducted 2 marks.

  7. Saluting. BD rules state you hold the reins (and whip if carried) in one hand and the other hand is lowered to the rider’s side. The rider should nod their head. As per BD rules if you salute with the whip hand you will be deducted 2 marks.

  8. Breathe, SMILE and HAVE FUN!

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