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With a Secret Chevalier membership you can save money on everyday life, leaving you more money to spend on your horse(s).

Guilty of looking after your horse better than you do yourself?

Your horses get regular physio, dental and chiro treatment so why shouldn't you?

With our Secret Chevalier Health membership you can claim money back on everyday healthcare, as well as our amazing shopping discounts!

Our shopping discounts save you money on your favourite equestrian brands, including clothes, feed, bedding and supplements.

As well as our highstreet discounts where you can save money every time you do the weekly food shop, days out with the family, eating out, cinemas, booking travel and much much more!

We offer 2 membership types:

Secret Chevalier Health - this membership starts at just £15 per month and allows you to claim money back for every day healthcare such as dental, physio and chiro treatment, glasses, contact lenses and much more. It also INCLUDES access to all of the shopping discounts, equestrian and all of the highstreet offers.

Secret Chevalier Shopping Only - this membership starts at only £15 for a 3 month membership and includes access to all of the equestrian and highstreet discounts.

1st Prize

1 Month FREE Membership

1 Month FREE Membership

1 month of membership, totally free - it's just down to you to see how much money you can save!

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