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About the Sponsor

Back in 2015 Lisa had a baby via cesarean.  She had her horse at home and decided a short term visit to a full livery yard was the best option.  In those months she mainly enjoyed the luxury of an indoor arena which wasn't available at home.  But soon found that she was just aimlessly riding around in circles with no real exercise or training plan in her head.

The livery yard trainers were very experienced but also costly and not always available at the right times, so she turned to online training for inspiration.  Here a problem arose because you can't watch a YouTube video whilst riding your horse.

And so the idea of Rider Guider came to her.

Life moved on and in 2018 Lisa met her trainer Debs and a great friendship blossomed.  She had regular lessons but still found when training on her own she wished she had Debs in the background giving her tips and guidance.

They started talking about her idea and together they developed the Rider Guider app.  They called on their skills, Lisa is a Digital Marketing and Website Designer and Debs a trained and experienced riding instructor.

1st Prize

1 month free App Access

1 month free App Access

Free access to the audio riding lessons and exercises

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