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About the Sponsor

After the prolonged success of Tyre Rubber™, in 2020, we began developing

a range of stable equipment for the modern yard. We started with the original

designs of the best selling products in the range, improving as we went,

developing an entirely new polymer substance called Gorilla Plas®. It's

stronger than rubber, easier to clean because it is non absorbent, and it's

lighter than rubber, too. Since then, we've introduced it in 4 new colours, as

well, so your feed skips and mangers can finally match the rest of your gear!

1st Prize

Dripfeed Ball

Dripfeed Ball

Filled with pieces of carrot or snacks, the Dripfeed is a treat ball designed to help improve the well-being of your horse.

Suitable for:

Keeping your horse entertained in the stable or paddock

Increasing feeding duration

Stimulating natural grazing

Made from high-quality, food-grade plastic, the Dripfeed is durable even when kicked, bitten or thrown. Simply fill it with treats and let them kick it around!

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