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About the Sponsor

In 2009, the seeds of our (now) largely equestrian and run - inspired business were sown when one of our original founders faced a challenging situation while attempting to use his iPhone on a freezing mountain, where temperatures plummeted to minus 20 degrees. Fuelled by the desire to create sports gloves that not only delivered top-notch performance but also seamlessly integrated mobile phone technology, we embarked on an exciting journey together.

Neil and James, our visionary entrepreneurs, took charge of product design, testing, and development. It was no easy task, but after six months of relentless dedication, we proudly launched our first-ever eGLOVE designed specifically for running. As we saw the positive response from athletes and sports enthusiasts, we knew we were on the right track.

Encouraged by our initial success, we expanded our product line to cater to various sports and activities. The eGLOVE family soon welcomed gloves tailored for riding, skiing, golf, and even those perfect for keeping your hands toasty warm during chilly days. We were thrilled to offer athletes and outdoor enthusiasts the ideal fusion of functionality and technology.

1st Prize

A pair of eGloves

A pair of eGloves

Choose from any style of Equestrian eGlove you like! What makes them special? They are all touchscreen compatible - use your phone without taking off your gloves!

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