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About the Sponsor

In this modern world of big multi-national corporations, Baileys Horse Feeds remains quite unique in being family owned and run since its inception in 1982. This means we care about our products and how they work for our customers and their horses – we take it personally!  

Find the Right Feed Right Now!

Baileys’ advanced Feed Finder will help you select the right feed for your horse as well as calculating just how much to feed.

If you’re not sure what to feed, simply answer the following series of questions about your horse, as truthfully as you can, and we’ll give you some suggestions as to which feed is likely to be best.

The Feed Finder is intended to be used as a GUIDE as to which products may best suit your horse. In some cases, for example, with youngstock or horses that present clinical issues, you may be referred through to our Nutrition Team who are able to offer free, practical advice.

For specific nutritional advice, please contact our Nutrition Team on 01371 850 247 (option 2), or by filling out our Ask the Experts Form.


1st Prize

Voucher for Tasty Treats

Voucher for Tasty Treats

Without exception, horses and ponies have a strong affinity for our high-fibre Tasty Treats! These treats are crafted from natural fibre sources and infused with extracts of essential oils, resulting in a delightful aroma and convenient pocket-sized portability. Notably, they are low in calories and free from vitamins and minerals, ensuring they won't disrupt the overall dietary balance of your horse or pony.

Our Tasty Treats are conveniently packaged in a popular reusable 5kg plastic tub, and now, you have the option to opt for a more environmentally friendly choice: a 5kg "eco" refill bag made from recyclable paper. For those seeking a smaller option, a 1kg paper bag is also available, perfect for stashing in your grooming kit or horsebox, and an excellent gift for a pampered pony.

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