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Using the Online Judging System

Not sure about the new system? This guide gives step-by-step instructions.



Electronic Judging

1. This is the main judging page, where you can see all the classes that have been assigned to you.


2. By clicking on the "⌄" in the dropdown menu, you can select any class you've been assigned to judge, or make a test class (more on that later)


3. You will be able to see the number of entries in that class and the number of people who've uploaded their videos. You can start judging the class as soon as any one rider has uploaded their video - you do not need to wait until everyone in the class has uploaded theirs.


4. You will also see the list of entries for your selected class. In this system, the horse and rider names are only assigned when the person uploads their video. Until they're submitted their video, the horse and rider names will appear as "tbc" (to be confirmed) in the entry list. There will also be a "✗" symbol in the "Uploaded" column in the table.


5. Once a rider has submitted their video, their entry will look like the picture below, with the rider's name, the horse's name and a "✓" in the uploaded column. There is still a "✗" in the final column because the test has not been marked yet.


6. Now that the rider has fully submitted their entry, you can start marking the test. To select an entry, just click on that row in the table to be taken to the electronic scoring page.

Here you will see the name of the test, the rider's name and the horse's name as well as the video of their test. Videos can either be uploaded directly through the site or via youtube, so the video screen may look slightly different, but you will still be able to play, pause and jump around in the video timeline no matter what.


7. Directly under the video, you will see the marking box, which has the name of the move, a score box with up-down buttons, a box for comments and a checkbox in case there's been an error of course.

8. By default, the score is set to 6.5 for each movement. You can change the score either by using the + and - buttons, which will add 0.5 or subtract 0.5 from the score. Or you can type the new score into that blue box directly. If you want to, you can type a comment into the comments box. To save the score and comment and go to the next movement, press the orange "next  >" button directly below the comments box.

If you make a mistake and add an invalid score (e.g. 65 instead of 6.5 or -6.0 instead of 6.0) an error message will appear and you'll need to fix that error before going to the next movement.

Try the interactive demo below to get the feel for it. (Note that the next button will just show you a success message in this demo rather than going to the next movement in the test or an error message if you've made a mistake)

#1: A enter in working trot and proceed down centre line without halting





error message

Next >



8. As well as errors of course, there are videoing errors, which are listed in a box under the score box. You can select these at any time (for instance if you've only noticed on move 3 that the rider isn't wearing gloves. Some videoing errors will result in points deductions (e.g. no gloves) while others will result in the test being judged HC (more on that below). The system handles that for you automatically, so all you need to do is tick the relevant box!

9. You can see the electronic test sheet on the same page. This is how it will look at first, before you've started scoring:


10. As you add marks and comments, the score sheet will be automatically updated. For instance, you've given these marks for move #1 and they'll appear in the score sheet as soon as you've pressed the "next move" button.


11. You can save your marks for a test at any time by pressing the black "save and go back" button at the top left of the page. Don't hit the back button on your browser, else your marks won't be saved!


Entries where you've not completed the score sheet will look like this from the main judging page. Just click on it to begin marking again. All the marks and comments you've already made will be pre-entered in the score sheet.

12. The collectives box looks a little different. Here you'll see all the collective marking boxes together at once, with room only for the final comment about the test.

13. The score boxes work the same as for the movement marks - you can change the mark by typing it directly in the blue box or by using the + or - buttons. You can also underline a directive in the collectives by clicking on that word.

14. If you're happy, you can press the "Done" button to review and sign the complete sheet. OR you can go back and make changes using the "< Prev" button.

When you've pressed the done button, you'll see the full score sheet, complete with your signature. When you're satisfied, press the "Complete" button to go back to the main judging page.

15. Once the marking is complete, the entry will now have a "✓" in the marked column of the entries table. You can still make changes to their score sheet, or just take a look at it by clicking on that row in the table, even after marking has been completed.

If a rider has made a videoing error like recording without sound and has been classed as HC, their entry in the table will look like this:

Or like this if they have made 3 errors of course and have been eliminated:

16. Once you've marked all the entries in a class, you'll see an orange button appear underneath the entry table that says "Complete Class". Only click this when you're happy with all your marking as you won't be able to make any changes once it's been clicked.

Making a Test Class

1. If you'd like to do a practice class before starting on a real class, you can select "make a test class" from the dropdown menu, then tap the orange "make test class" button that will appear to confirm.


2. The main judging page will refresh. Choose the "Test Class" option from the dropdown menu if it isn't already selected. Now you can practice everything you've just read above. Once you're happy, tap the "complete class" button to delete the test class and get going with the real judging!

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