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Juniors Summer Championships 2024

Kindly Sponsored by Likit

Qualifying Classes

Main Arena Juniors
British Dressage Arena Juniors
Riding School Arena Juniors



Champion Sash & Rosette

LIKIT Goodies

E-Riders Summer Championships Gilet

Reserve Champion

Reserve Champion Rosette

LIKIT Goodies

E-Riders Summer Championships Polo Top

Reserve's Reserve Champion

Reserve's Reserve Champion Rosette

LIKIT Goodies

E-Riders £10 Voucher

Juniors Summer Championships 2024

Maintain a happy horse with our unique and fun equine toys.
Our seriously fun treats and toys and specially designed to keep your horse engaged and free from boredom. The Likit Challenge System will help ensure that you choose the right level of toy for your horse.

Challenge System
The Likit Challenge System is designed to grade the different levels of challenge each of our toys will offer your horse so you can ensure you select the right toy to suit your horses personality.

The Science
There have been numerous pieces of research to study the effectiveness of our products. So don’t take our word for it, hear from the experts as to why Likit products will be of benefit to your horse or pony…

We care about horse health
Our toys and treats are loads of fun but they have a serious purpose and that is to help relieve boredom and stress which can occur due to horses being stabled, transported or simply restricted from carrying out their natural behaviours. Environmental enrichment is now a huge issue in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries where animals are kept in captivity but did you ever think of your horse in this fashion? Horses were not designed to be kept in pens or stalls, they were designed to graze up to 18 hours per day, so Likits can help keep your horse ‘grazing’ whilst stabled.

Anchor 1

BD Approved Tack only - no fluff, martingales, non BD bits etc

Arena must be 20m x 40m with markers in the correct place

You must film and submit a video for BOTH tests below (2 separate videos) both with the verbal introduction including "Juniors Summer Championships 2024" your name, horses name and test ridden.

E-Riders Intro 1c & BD Intro B

E-Riders Prelim 2c & BD Prelim 12

Qualified Riders

Junior - Intro

Abby Chin & Jetta Bean

Alex & Kitbridge May Lady Vanity

Allegra Heron & Callan

Charlotte Craxton & Woldsedge May Song

Chloe Pointon & Megland Rosegold

Connie Targett & Fittons Pippy Longstockings

Daisy McGovern & Kitbridge Skylark

Danielle Samantha King & Jenny

Darcie Jones & Drum Carlo

Elana Kotei & Barney Kotei

Ella Sinclair & Loughwell Lad

Ellen Sayers & Perfect Pete

Elsa Seren Powell & Silver Serenade

Florrie Heritage & Easy Mover

Giselle Schilder & Garvagh Dandy

Holly Eversden & Tom

Lillian Caspall & Kimblewick Lucy

Olivia Adam & Jojo

Robyn Beresford & CONNOR

Rosie Roberts & valentino

Sky Thomas & Indigo Sky

Zara Mannio & Bueno of Ireland

Junior - Prelim

Alyshea Millett & Corringwould Watchword

Charlotte Griffiths & Elmsbury Amethyst

Florrie Heritage & Finlay

Lily Pett & Chance T

Lily Pett & Snabo Star

Rosie Hollands & Archwood Fabergee

Sky Thomas & Indigo Sky

Tommy Stevens & Winton Topaz

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