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A team tournament entry for 3 riders (the team captain can purchase an additional team member entry at a later date)


Once you have purchased this Team Registration - you will be able to create your Team on your Account page. You will need the Unique ID of your Team mates - this can be found on their profile under the Team section.

You can register a team with 3 or 4 Team Members
Registered riders can ride any horses
Team Members can compete at ANY level (in accordance with our class restrictions)
There is no mimimum amount of riders required to compete each month 

There will be a maximum of 40 teams


Classes which will count towards TT points are;
Main Arena Classes (excluding Elite)
BD Classes (excluding Music)
RoR Classes

UKFHS Classes
Veteran Horse Classes
Riding Club Classes

Riding School Classes

Eventing Classes 

Kidz Classes 


The top scores/points from 3 different Team members each month will be added to your Team Score 

The Tournament will run for 6 months
You only need to register once within the 6 months and then enter your monthly classes


Points will be awarded as follows;

60.00 - 61.99% 1 point
62.00 - 63.99% 2 points
64.00 - 65.99% 3 points
66.00 - 67.99% 4 points
68.00 - 69.99% 5 points
70.00 - 71.99% 6 points
72.00% and above 7 points 



Team Tournament - 3 Riders

SKU: 2024_teamtournament_28stul_5-6-7-8-9-10
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