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Qualified for the Main Arena Summer Championships?! CONGRATULATIONS!


Enter here to take part!

Entry Deadline - 23rd June 2024

Video Deadline - 30th June 2024


BD Approved Tack only - no fluff, martingales, non BD bits etc

Arena must be 20m x 40m with markers in the correct place


You must film and submit a video for BOTH tests below (2 separate videos) both with the verbal introduction including "Main Arena Summer Championships 2024" your name, horses name and test ridden.


E-Riders Intro 1c & BD Intro B

E-Riders Prelim 2c & BD Prelim 12

E-Riders Novice 3c & BD Novice 27

E-Riders Elem 4c & BD Elem 44

E-Riders Medium 5a & BD Medium 71

E-Riders Ad Med 6a & BD Ad Med 93




Champion Sash & Rosette

E-Riders Summer Championships Show Rug

E-Riders Summer Championships Gilet


Reserve Champion

Reserve Champion Rosette

E-Riders Summer Championships Gilet


Reserve's Reserve Champion

Reserve's Reserve Champion Rosette

E-Riders Summer Championships Polo Top

£10 E-Rider Voucher

Intro Open - Main Arena Summer Championships

SKU: ch_introE_2024_6_main_62ji_open
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